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The Kiddy Grade figures have finally arrived. They currently only have the the two individual figurines, Eclair is now $94.98 and Lumiere is $89.98. ZStore still doesn't ship to Europe. 25/11/04
As part of a new website showcasing their properties, the UK company MVM has a section up for Kiddy Grade. Their release of Volume 5 is due out on the 10th of January and Volume 6 on the 2nd of February. 09/11/04
Update on yesterday: apparently the first French volume is already out. A kind Belgian on the AoD forums has provided some more images: Vol 1 discs, Vol 2 box, and Vol 2 discs 06/11/04
A company called Déclic Images will be releasing Kiddy Grade in France with French subtitles in the form of two boxed sets. I have an image of the first box. 04/11/04
23:30 GMT
Mythwear are bringing out a Kiddy Grade courier bag (no picture available yet) which will be available from TRSI in November. 16/10/04
Lance has clarified the situation on which statuettes they'll be releasing: both (the individual Eclair and Lumiere figures and the double 'Epilogue' figure). Still no release date yet, so make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter on if you want to be notified. 07/09/2004
Thanks yet again to Diamond Previews and the AoD forums I have the cover for the final volume, Case 8: Emerging Anew. 21/08/2004
TRSI have pictures of the Fashion Victom T-Shirts, one with both girls and one with just Eclair 26/07/2004
Thanks to Diamond Previews and the AoD forums I have the cover for Case 7: Lurking Shadows. 20/07/2004
Just a small update, got a decent copy of the Case 5 cover.
Update: Also got the cover for Case 6: Mirror Image courtesy of Animenation.
Lance has said that there will be some solution available this winter for those (like me) who have had problems obtaining the LE collectible cards. 09/06/04
TRSI are selling Kiddy Grade T-Shirts made by Fasion Victim, although I've not found images of them yet.
Although it has been corrected on the official website, the preview for epsiode 21 on the 10th R2 DVD still uses the incorrect spelling 'Nouvlesse Arc' (rather than Ark). Haven't confirmed the episode itself as I'm still waiting on the 11th DVD which I ordered back at the start of April..
Animenation have published a larger version of the Case 5 image, but with their obligatory watermark.
FUNimation have an image of the Case 5 cover up in their Z Store. 07/06/04
Looks like MVM have moved the UK release goalposts yet again. Latest dates thanks to shokoti on the AoD Forums are:
Kiddy Grade Vol. 2 - 6th September 2004
Kiddy Grade Vol. 3 - 4th October 2004
UK news: the first two DVDs are available for pre-order and the list price has been confirmed at last as £17.99. The release dates are 05/07/04 for Vol 1 and 02/08/04 for Vol 2. Here are a few online stores you can order from:
Anime-on-line (MVM's online store): Vol 1 | Vol 2 (£15.99)
Play 247: Vol 1 | Vol 2 (£13.99 Delivered)
Amazon: Vol 1 (£13.49)
Sendit (Formerly Blackstar): Vol 1 (£13.99 )
Sorry no updates for ages, work has me busy etc.. just adding the Australian R4 DVD release dates:-
Vol. 1: 21 Apr, 2004
Vol. 2: 23 Jun, 2004
Vol. 3: 21 Jul, 2004
It seems they will be using exactly the same disc count and packaging and as the R1 release, but won't be doing the basball cap or cards.
Following straight on from the last announcement, Amazon have published an image of the cover for Kiddy Grade Case 4: Present Future (Been meaning to post this for days, gomen). 20/03/2004
Amazon have published an image of the cover for Kiddy Grade Case 3: What Lies Beneath. 01/03/2004
Just remembered something I forgot to mention - FUNimation announced at Katsucon that they will be bringing out a pair of resin Kiddy Grade figures in the Summer (limited to 500 of Eclair and 500 of Lumiere). Source: Anime on DVD 24/02/2004
One of my two copies of Kiddy Grade Conclusion has arrived at last (along with a copy of Megami Magazine with a nice poster of Lumiere) and I've finally got official romanizations of the surnames for Liquide Cole and Bonita Gerard. 23/02/2004
I've still not managed to find a copy here in the UK, but I've found an image of the February 2004 issue of Animerica bearing Kiddy Grade on the cover. Also, Fencedude on the AoD Forums has found some images from what appears to be a new opening sequence, presumably made specially for the later R2 DVDs. 17/04/2004
Rather unusually the US DVDs appear to be region 1, 2, and 4 rather than just region 1 (which is good knews for fans in the UK and Australia, but possibly not so good for MVM and Madman who already have the rights in those countries?). Also, the remaning DVD titles are Case 5: The Freedom of Truth, Case 6: Mirror Image, Case 7: Lurking Shadows, and Case 8: Emerging Anew. 14/02/03
Chris Beveridge's review of Case 01: The Peacekeepers is online at Anime on DVD. 12/02/2004
A couple more DVD titles are available - Case Three: Lies Beneath, and Case Four: The Present Future. 07/02/2004
00:00GMT has gone live at last, and very slick it looks too! (site requires flash). 06/02/2004
Lance Heiskell sez that the dubbed opening and ending themes will be performed by Stephanie Nadolny (sourse: AoD Forums). 06/02/2004
The February 2004 edition of Newtype USA, as well as having a set of 8 Kiddy Grade postcards, has a new full-page advert and they're offering up a copy of the first DVD in their monthly giveaway (open to US residents only unfortunately) 04/02/2004
Right Stuf have updated their listing with new images of the box: firstly a face-on view of the front, and secondly a clearer version of the image from the FUNimation ad posted previously. //
My Keiji Gotoh Kinetic Girls artbook has arrived and I started scanning it (no sign of the Conclusion book yet). Also, thanks to Grey Area of the AoD forums and DVD Planet we've got a nice large, clear image of the case two cover. 5/01/03
Contrary to previous statements there will now be three versions of the first R1 DVD. To quote Lance Heiskell: "The Kiddy Grade Starter Box with cap and Volume 1 DVD is still limited to 5,000. Due to an overwhelming demand by the retail buyers, a decision was made to do a smaller run of a Kiddy Grade Starter Box with Volue 1 DVD without the cap to fulfill retailer demand. The price for the box without the cap is $29.98 retail." 22/01/04
A couple of images of the 2nd US DVD 'Pieces of the Past' have emerged. This is the best I've found so far unfortunately. Upate: Apart from the store logo, this image from the Animenation store is much better (new background image etc.) - the other one must have been an early revision. 21/01/04
FUNimation have sent out a new Kiddy Grade newsletter. Included is a small image of the cover which shows the back for the first time, and a picture of the cap. The cards included with the DVD will be the same as those in the Japanese releases. Other information is about upcoming articles in Animerica, Anime Insider and Play. The dub will be premiering at Ohayocon and also shown at Ushicon. is due to go fully live this week. 21/01/04
I've spotted a Kiddy Grade art book available to order from Otaku and Otaku UK called Kiddy Grade Conclusion. Update: Hobby Link Japan have it also. 26/12/03
FUNimation have released a cast list featuring most of the characters, barring guest characters and those who don't have lines until later in the series. 20/12/03
Volume 1 is featured in December's Diamond Previews catalogue, along with a full-page FUNimation ad, including a picture of the box and the news that there will be a set of six cards included with each DVD. 12/12/03
Europe based Archonia has the first volume for preorder, and have provided a new image of the case including the spine. Animenation have also provided a larger image of the case. 03/12/03
Rightstuff has made the volume 2 available for preorder. The title is 'Pieces of the Past' 01/12/03
My apologies, it's just been stated that the series will be released on 8 discs, not 6 as I've previously claimed. Again, my apologies if I've misled anyone. 29/11/03
Lance Heiskell has come through again with another VA - Laura Bailey (Crystal Acids | IMDb). He's being cagey about what character she is voicing however, but if anyone has heard her in action you're welome to hit the forums and suggest roles she would be suitable for. 29/11/03
Lance Heiskell has confirmed that we'll be getting dubbed version of the opening and ending theme songs. 28/11/03
The Funimation site has now gone live, with extended trailers for download. THe newsletter signup has returned as well. 24/11/03
Latest sites accepting pre-orders for the R1 LE Starter Set are Otaku UK, AnimeNation, Amazon and DVD Pacific. 20/11/03
Thanks to Damo on the AoD Forums we now have the (planned) schedule for the first three releases from MVM: 03/05/2004 vol 1, 07/06/2004 vol 2, 05/07/2004 vol 3. Back to US news, nother packaging image has been provided by DVD Empire, along with confirmation that the inlay will be reversible, and Amazon are stating a release date of 23/03/04 for the 2nd DVD. 17/11/03
Courtesty of Rightstuf we now have an image of the R1 front cover. They also include more details on the DVD contents - original promo and trailers, image gallery, and character profiles. 16/11/03
News posted to Anime on DVD: The "Kiddy Grade Starter Set" comes in a limited collector's box (5,000) with volume 1 DVD and a Kiddy Grade embroidered baseball cap. They also indicate that the extended trailer will be coming soon to This is also being discussed in their Forums, with input from Lance Heiskell of FUNimation. 13/11/03
Monica Rial is officially confirmed for Lumiere, and, since I seem to have forgotten to mention it, there will be 6 volumes (probably with reversible covers). 08/11/03
Another morsel - Justin Cook (Crystal Acids | IMDb) is the ADR director for FUNimation 08/11/03
Something else I missed when I was scouring forums for news is Lance Heiskell of FUNimation (who, as it happens, I know has visited this site at some point) announcing on the Anime on DVD Forums that the preview will be included on the DVDs (don't know which version/s though). 08/11/03
Right Stuf are accepting preorders for the first DVD and DVD + Artbox. The RRPs given are $24.98 and $34.98 respectively (they are offering reductions on these) and the details listed are as follows: Age Rating - 13+; Date Available - Feb 10 2004; Format - Hybrid. 08/11/03
News in from Ayacon is that MVM are aiming for a May release in the UK. 24/10/03
I've heard that Monica Rial (Crystal Acids | IMDb) will be the VA for Lumiere. 24/10/03
I won't be working on this site any more, as I'm closing it in favour of my new work-in-progress Kiddy Grade site - Encounter of Shadow Work - at Most, if not all, of the content from here will eventually be migrated and improved, and in particular I'll be be dividing everything into spoiling and non-spoiling for the benefit of new fans seeing the series for the first time with the western release. 10/10/03
Update on the last update, MVM have informed me that they're sheduled for a Spring release in the UK. Not got any info out of FUNimation yet though. 03/10/03
Good news (for me at any rate) is that MVM will be handling the UK distribution of Kiddy Grade for Funimation, which means I may not have to import them :). 16/09/03
Done some more work on the character page with help from the BBS on the Official Site. Also worked out the name of Alv and Dvergr's ship (Svart) using the 2nd Continuity File, a search using this info netted me this page which filled in the few remaining blanks for ship and mecha names. 07/09/03
Pretty much confirmed now that Rikkis name is actually Liquiy. Someone mentioned this before and a) I wasn't sure I believed them and b) I couldn't find where I'd heard it later. Again, I really will get around to updating. Soon. Really. 04/09/03
Sorry no updates for ages, have been busy etc.. just making a news update since I found out FUNimation picked up the US license for the series in May (see and Rather cheekily, I think, they have entitled the US site 'Kiddy' even though it's a .tv address. 28/07/03

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