Kiddy Grade / Mechanics

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La Muse - Lumière and Éclair's ship, ID SSC2045343. Weapons include Flex Feather.(La Muse is French for 'The Muse', the Muses being the 9 daughters of the Greek god Zeus who each preside over a different areas of the arts and sciences)

Wirbelwind (German for whirlwind, also model of German tank) - AI of the the La Muse

Salyut (Russian greeting 'Салют') - Un-ou and A-ou's ship

C-square (CC - Cheshire Cat, from Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland) - Tweedledee and Tweedledum's ship

Fenice (Italian for Phoenix) - Viola and Cesario's ship

Svart (Nordic for black) - Alv and Dvergr's ship

Centurion (Roman commander) - Sinistra and Dextera's ship, seperates into Unicorn α (alpha) and Unicorn β (beta).

Donnerschlag (German for thunderclap) - Guard robot of Éclair and Lumière. Weapons include Wired Arm and Beam Gun.

Thor (Norse god of thunder) - Guard robot of Alv and Dvergr.

Ganador (Spanish for winner) - Guard robot of Un-ou and A-ou.

Titano (Italian for Titan) - Guard robot of Viola and Cesario.

Dodo (Extinct species of bird, features in Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland) - Guard robot of Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

Zephyrus (Greek god of the west wind) - Guard robot of Sinistra and Dextera

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